We held a walking event the other day and visited Daijyuji temple in Okazaki city. The temple is well-known as an important place where Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa was determined to establish a peaceful country.


On the way to the temple, we found small “Jizos” (guardian deity of children) along the street. There were about 20 of them lining up, looking at the same direction. After we passed through the Jizos, there was an entrance of the temple called Saikoji. We didn’t plan to visit there, but since we had enough time, we decided to go in. The temple was rich in history more than we had expected. I will not go into details right now, but I would like to do featured article in the future about the temples history after we go back there and listen to the story from the chief priest.


After visiting Saikoji, we finally arrived at Daijuji Temple.


It is said that the quote 厭離穢土 欣求浄土 Onriedo Gongujyodo – Leaving a corrupted land in seek of a pure land, was gifted to Ieyasu from the monk at the temple. We listened to the story at the main shrine and enjoyed watching the treasures they own at their exhibition rooms.


We also asked for  a御朱印 Goshuin.  Goishuin is a red ink stamp which comes with the monk’s hand writing. At the Daijyuji temple, the monk wrote Onriedo Gongujyodo for us. I am happy to have this quote in my stamp book of Goshuin. Whenever you have a chance to visit Okazaki, please visit Daijyuji and ask for the special Goshuin!