We had visitors from the UK the other day. The main purpose of their visit to Okazaki was to visit the Okazaki plant of Okazaki Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. They were interested in finding out where and how the cars were made since they own a Mitsubishi car. Unfortunately the plant doesn’t have a plant tour in English, so Deep Japan was asked to accompany them.


The tour was very interesting and we were able to see the process of making cars. The most impressive thing was that there were 600 robots working at one of the building in the plant. It was like the robots were taking the human’s role and were trying to conquer the planet!


We were glad that the couple enjoyed the tour.


While their stay in Okazaki, we also organized a tea time with our English lesson students and our students were excited to talk to native English speakers.


We all had a wonderful time. Thank you so much, Ann and Michael for visiting Okazaki! We all miss you already!!!