About us

What is Deep Japan?

We are Deep Japan, based in Okazaki. We manage Global Studies Cafe and providing Experience based tour options to the foreign tourists.

We offer Experience based tour options as we convey the accomplishment of Ieyasu Tokugawa to foreigners. Ieyasu Tokugawa was born in Okazaki and has established the Edo era which was peaceful period without wars for more than 250 years.

As we feel proud of our heritage, we would like to connect Okazaki, the Deep side of Japan, to the rest of the world through memorable experiences.

What is Deep Japan

Founder, Naoko Jin

Founder, Naoko Jin

Ever since I was a child, I was fascinated with western culture due to my experience of living and visiting abroad such as United States, England, New Zealand etc.

However, in my university years, as I traveled multiple countries around the world and came in contact with various cultures, I realized that my identity as Japanese was weak.

Since then, I developed passion towards Japanese history, Japanese literature and Japanese culture.

Deep Japan was founded in hope of sharing Japanese culture with the people around the world.

Supervisor, Kuniomi Asai

Supervisor, Kuniomi Asai

I am an Okazaki native journalist and former foreign correspondent, who has reported from the battlefields of the Lebanese Civil War, Iran-Iraq War, Gulf War and the Civil War in Bosnia.

My role at Deep Japan is to introduce the heart and essence of Pax Tokugawana. The uncommon word was named after the achievement accomplished by Lord Ieyasu Tokugawa. Lord Ieyasu unified the war-torn nation in 1603 and founded the Edo era which lasted 265 years.

I am more than happy to receive you and will exert all-out efforts to share my unique perspectives with you!