In Japan on Children’s Day (May 5th), we celebrate the happiness, good health and growth of the Child.


The celebration takes place as families with boys set up Koinobori(carp streamers)outside the house. Koinobori symbolizes strength and success as koi (carp) is considered as one of the most spirited fish in Japan. The flags are displayed in the order of father carp, mother carp and one carp for each child.


Japanese families also display Kabuto (Samura helmet) which symbolizes courage and strength in the house. At the café, the Kabuto set will be displayed until the end of the Children’s day.

On Children’s day on May 5th, Kamishibai (picture-story show) will take place at the café starting from 11am. Kashiwa mochi (rice cake wrapped with oak leaf filled with sweet bean paste) which is a special treat enjoyed on Children’s day will also be served.


Join us to celebrate this special day!