Did you know that most of the Japanese youth cannot wear a kimono by themselves?


It is true and that is the reason why we started a series of classes to offer kimono dressing lessons. The other day, we had our first class session where we learned how to sew the Haneri (collar which is sewed onto the Nagajuban to keep the kimono clean) on the Nagajuban and wear the Hadajuban and the Nagajuban. The participants brought their sewing kit and sewed their Haneri to the Nagajyuban (a type of robe you wear under your kimono) as they enjoyed girls talk.


Next, we practiced how to wear the Hadajuban (a type of undershirt you wear under the Nagajuban). The participants were happy that they were able to learn the first step of kimono dressing.


We have 4 more classes to go. The most difficult part is putting on the Obi (Kimono belt). Our final goal is to go out for lunch together during the new years in the kimono we dressed by ourselves. We are all looking forward to it. Please wish us luck!