When we talk about Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa, endurance, education, intelligence, healthcare and frugality are the words we often hear.


However, I feel that these words are not enough to describe him. Instead, I would like to talk about 至道 “Shido” (path to achievement) which plays an essential role to human growth and maturity.   


If we truly wish to learn from him, we should understand his life history, starting with his childhood and adolescence to his late middle ages and his remainder of his life.


His decision making abilities were fostered through overcoming difficult situations and by learning from them. Through that process, his discernment towards human beings and society deepened.


The most important part which I would like to emphasize is the time when his last moments approached.

I feel that understanding his philosophy in his last moments will give us a hint on how to prepare for our goals and paths.

Ieyasu passed away as he left his last words, “Tenka wa Tenka no Tenka nari  (the nation is the nation’s (i.e. the people’s) nation. )


“This world belongs to nobody. It is for everybody. I have lived as I made frugality my virtue however the money and assets do not belong to me. All things are just entrusted”


Translated from the book 『すなおじゃないけど、ひねくれてるわけでもなく』徳川家康に学ぶ至道- Learning from Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa – 至道 –Shido” written by 深田正義 Masayoshi Fukada